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  • Shared Physical Custody and Shared Child Support Guidelines in Maryland

    The notion of shared physical custody is not well defined in Maryland case law. Parents typically think of shared physical custody as 50/50 or even time with their children. However, that is rarely the case. Even when parents agree to share physical custody, it is based on a schedule that approaches, but does not need to reach 50/50. One Maryland case that discussed such a schedule stated: "Shared ...
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  • Visitation Schedules in Maryland

    There is no standard visitation schedule in the Maryland courts. The standard schedule used to be every other weekend from Friday evening until Sunday evening, alternating holidays, and two weeks for a vacation each summer. This is the schedule that is commonly referred to as a "weekend dad" schedule, and for years that is exactly what it created, a weekend dad. More common today is a schedule ...
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  • Supervised Visitation in Maryland

    The issue of supervised visitation has become a hot topic in the courts. When a child's safety is at risk during visitation, the court will usually allow visitation only if it is supervised by a third party, who can be someone agreed to by the parties, a paid professional supervisor, or a service provided by the court. Recently, Montgomery County opened a supervised visitation center that can ...
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