Blog Posts in February, 2012

  • Decision Making Authority of a Parent Coordinator

    A parent coordinator is a person appointed by the Court in a high conflict divorce to reduce the effects of conflict on the parties’ child. Parent Coordinators have been used in Separation Agreements and have been appointed by the Court for approximately twenty years, without rules regulating their conduct and appointment. Rule 9-205.2 of the Maryland Rules, entitled "Parenting Coordination", was ...
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  • New Bill Proposed - Living Together But Entitled to a Divorce

    Another bill (SB 334) was just proposed in Annapolis that will open new doors for families and attorneys. Last year, the law was changed to allow married persons to divorce so long as they lived separate and apart for one year. But what constitutes "separate and apart." For years, ever since the Ricketts case, attorneys have pondered and argued whether living separate and apart under the same roof ...
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