Blog Posts in October, 2015

  • "Mutual Consent" - New grounds for Maryland Divorce

    October 1, 2015 introduced new grounds for divorce in Maryland. Divorce by "mutual consent" is now available to certain couples in Maryland. Why is this development of significance? "Mutual consent" divorce eliminates the required 12-month separation period, so long as the parties meet the required criteria under the new grounds for divorce. To qualify for divorce by "mutual consent" there are ...
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  • Father's Rights

    By David C. Gardner There are many references to "father's rights" in divorce law. As a divorce lawyer, we usually represent both mothers and fathers, and it is rare that an attorney only represents one sex in contested divorces or custody disputes. However, there are specific rights that father's usually want to protect when they go to court, and an attorney who represents fathers on a regular ...
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